If you’re looking into getting a fireplace into your home, there are many different types of designs a dead one can choose from to enhance the unique design that fits your style. There are designs that are modern as well as designs that are old-fashioned, no matter your decision on what type of fireplace you choose to obtain, picking the right one that fits your style is essential for you to enjoy the warmth it brings into your house. Therefore, in the following brief below you will see the top 10 unique designs that are highly sought after with heaters that might be the best choice for you.

1.The Classics

People who like traditional styles or more on simple designs, going with a classical style fireplace would be more idealistic. One classic beauty that is chosen for a classical style would be a square gas fire stove. There are different types of square gas stoves that you can choose from, one style would be similar to the Escea AF700. You can take this type of fire stove and fitted into the wall as a perfect framework, or you can paint it different shades to fit the environment of your home. Some people who use the classical style would be those that like the look of wooden mantels, as this kind of fireplace would fit the style.

2.A Modern Style

If you like the look of a streamline modern effect, getting a stainless steel fireplace similar to the Escea ST900 would be the ideal fit for a more modern style. This type of fire stove can fit perfectly into a wall giving it a highlight as well as a focal point of view of the room. A great benefit to this type of fireplace would be its clearance capacity. This fireplace can be easily inset into a wall and a frame can be placed around it to give it the desired sleek like in modern effect you desire.

3.High-End Glass Fire Stoves

There are some heaters that allow the glass to be the more prominent feature of the product. By getting a two-sided fireplace that’s has a double glass feature you then can enjoy the fireplace from two separate locations in the house. They are great for modern looks and are great with maintenance. A two-sided fireplace has the ability to look exquisite as well as ventilate the air and prevent the glass from getting too hot.

4.Vintage Style Shaker Fireplace

The vintage style is increasingly becoming more popular with wood-burning stoves. If you have a room that’s is more on the lines of the vintage style then obtaining a shaker stove design would be more efficient for your home. The Italian architect who created this style of design is named Antonio Citterio. He gave people that purchased this product the ability to add their own wood, all while keeping a sleek and vintage style design to accentuate their room. Most of the shaker stoves do you have the ability to have a left or right events or a wood loading access point.

5. The Untamed Fireplace

Because of the many varieties of stoves that are created one of the most unique and creative ones that are on the market would be the wild looking designed fireplace. This kind of fireplace allows the homeowner to impress anyone who comes into the room to be the fireplace. This kind of fireplace allows a more natural style to be brought out with its unique design. It has a horizontal tree on the fireplace that gives it the untamed naturalistic look that so many people crave. This type of fireplace is not necessarily a normal style fireplace as it brings out a more natural and warm feeling as well as alluring any viewers.

6. Wood Burning Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces can add a sensational smell as well as an appealing look for any home. You may find different types of wood-burning stoves that can be anywhere from the classy or artistic style that can also be traditional or even flat front that can be a space saver would fireplace. The more popular ones that are available are the corner style designs. Wood-burning stoves allow a cozy and comfortable environment, however, they do usually require a chimney which can be not the best on maintenance and accessibility. However, the feeling and warmth that comes with wood-burning stoves are very soothing for the environment that they are placed within. People that choose the option of having a wood-burning fireplace will usually have the ability to decorate the sides and the walls that surround the fireplace with either stones or mantels. Some wood burning stoves do offer a front side glass door that can give the viewer the visual of the fire burning. However, there are some wood-burning stoves that don’t allow you to see the flames and you can just feel the warmth that it produces within the room.

7. Gas Burning Fireplaces

Another design idea for fireplace would be the gas burning designed stoves. Most of these types of stoves can be uniquely created as well as providing a less stressful fireplace for maintenance. These types of stoves are exceptional for most homeowners because they are not messy and they have a more direct heating capability as well as less installation that is required. Gas burning stoves also give it the homeowners more options to place the stove wherever they want within their home. The designs of gas burning stoves allow people to see the ceramic logs that can be instantly turned on with a control or a switch. The designs of the gas burning fireplace will show the flames coming out of the ceramic logs instead of actual wood, therefore those who are looking for more of a modern or artistic style of look getting a glass burning fireplace may not be the best option. However, those that are looking for more efficiency as well as simplicity, and the ability to pick and choose different types of designs, the gas burning fireplace will be more idealistic.

8. Long Stone Style Fireplace

The long stone style fireplaces are a fantastic option for those who appreciate masonry work. These types of stoves can start from the bottom and go all the way to the top of the roof with intricate the placed stones that bring in artistic lookout within the living room. They can come in a wide range of colors to make the room pop and look exquisite. Long Stone style fireplace may also give the homeowner a comforting feel while they sent to enjoy the fire and read a good book.

9. Treasure Chest Fireplace

If you’re looking for a unique and different style fireplace, then the treasure chest fireplace will be the best fit for any room. It gives a royalty and extravagant style that pops out as the flames rise and fall in the center. The stove itself looks similar to a treasure chest instead of the actual wood-burning look because of the crystals that are within the fireplace itself. Most of the treasure chest fireplace will have a glass top that gives it a reflective glow as the fire burns.

10. Stacking Or Tiled Fireplace

For those who have more modern furniture within their homes, a great design for the fireplace would be a tiled or a stacking design stove. These stoves can come in gas or wood, however, the textures on the outside of each of these stoves will bring about a lot of attention. They are extremely popular in many homes as they can come in multiple colors and are more of the cost-effective choice of fireplace designs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, with the wide range of designs that are on the market for burning stoves, homeowners now have the option of pick the one that fits their style the best. The options mentioned above are some of the top 10 choices that are popular within today’s society. It all depends on your style if you want a wood-burning or gas burning stove as well as the actual design that surrounds the fireplace itself. Keep in mind the safety of your house. You can get anything from a treasure chest looking fireplace to an old-fashioned vintage stove. Therefore, if you’re considering getting a fireplace for your home taken a consideration the choices mentioned above to see which one would fit your style the best.